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Our story!

Being a hospitality professionals, Jenny and I (Rodrigo) have always spoken and dreamed about doing our own thing, having our own business and what we always really enjoyed eating was street food. Temaki has recently become popular in Brasil and after tasting it on our trip,  2 years back, we were hooked! Straight up we looked each other and said "Temaki! Let's introduce Temaki to Aotearoa."

Temaki Truck has given us the opportunity to bring to Aotearoa a bit of our culture, our story. Brasilian, Japanese & Korean influences have helped create Temaki Truck and we are really proud of it.


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Temaki is a cone shaped hand rolled sushi (not sushi though)! It has been reinvented recently in Brasil, where resides the largest expat Japanese population in the world. We make our own sauces and pickled veggies, add to them tender meats, fish or crispy tofu (for our vegetarian/vegan customers) and roll them up in rice around a crispy seaweed wrap. Super fresh!

The Kimchi Pork Temaki is our specialty, bringing in Jenny's Korean heritage and staying true to the innovetive ethos of the new wave Temakerias.


We would love to join your party!

Are you wether planning or organising a wedding, festival or a corporate event?

Get in touch with us! 

We will happily design a special menu for your event to best satisfy all your guests!

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